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Buck Branch Shepard Commander CGC TKN

Male - Intact

AKC registered - DN49101305

DOB: 02/17/2017

OFA Hips Fair PDF

OFA Elbows Normal PDF

CERF Normal PDF 

Weight: 41lbs

Height: 21"


Disease Testing - PDF

Collie Eye Anomaly - Carrier (not affected)

Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal (clear)

Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption -  Normal (clear)

Multidrug Resistance 1 - Normal (clear)

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis  - Normal (clear)

Sensory Neuropathy - Normal (clear)

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome - Normal (clear)

Coat and Genetic Testing - PDF

A Locus (Agouti) - at /at Tricolor, black and tan

B Locus (Brown) - b/b Brown coat, nose and foot pads

D Locus (Dilute) - D/D Non dilute

E Locus (Yellow/Red) - E/E Black

K Locus (Dominant Black) - ky /ky Agouti expression allowed

M Locus (Merle) - m/m Non merle

C-Barq Canine Behavioral Assessment Graph | Table

Spectre is a very sweet, goofy boy with an amazing temperament and trust in us. He loves to be underfoot or cuddlebug on the sofa, yet, takes his job seriously and doesn't like to get it wrong. He is eager to please and a work-a-holic. He can be asked over and over again to give more and he'll keep wanting to come back and do the job. His speed and drive on the agility course is thrilling; no one can deny is passion for being in the ring. 

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