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About Us

We are located in Wichita, Kansas - The Air Capital of the World.


Our animals are first and foremost family. They are valued and considered in every decision of our lives. This includes going on adventures, attending dog sporting events, providing enrichment in the home, and feeding top-notch quality food. All of our carnivore pets are on either raw diets or high protein, meat-based kibble such as Farmina.

We focus most of our skill and attention on agility training and competition. You can also find our border collies involved in rally, obedience, trick training, herding, kayaking, backpacking, and good ol' snuggles while couch potatoing.

We hold positions with our local agility club as a board members, agility trial committee members, and instructors with the Wichita Dog Training Club. We actively participate our community at Asianfest and supporting charity drives. We are passionate members of our society and always eager to support a good cause.

Quality Breeding

  • Focus on making each and every puppy the best it can be, whether it will be a competition dog, working dog, or a family pet.

  • Carefully select their puppies’ parents, focusing heavily on the mom and dad’s health and temperament

  • Take special care of their dog moms prior to and during pregnancy to help their kids handle stress better, by:

    • providing optimal nutrition

    • keeping them in excellent physical condition

    • providing enrichment to their daily lives

    • limiting their stress

  • Provide neonatal care that will set the foundation for their puppies’ lifetime health and temperament

  • Create an enriching environment for their pups, from 3 weeks of age until they go home, in order to develop their brains and bodies

  • Savvily socialize their pups, being sure they meet a minimum of 50 different people before they go to their new homes

  • Create developmental opportunities for their puppies that will set them up for a lifetime of engagement with people

  • Send their puppies home no earlier than 8 weeks of age

  • Carefully match each pup to its new home based on the pup’s temperament, structure, and health, as well as the new owners’ needs and expectations

  • Provide lifetime support to every pup and its owners.

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