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Buck Branch Kindling the Kapu Flame OA NAJ CGC TKP

Female - Intact

AKC registered - DN50431202


DOB: 06/23/2017

OFA Hips Good PDF

OFA Elbow Normal PDF


Weight: 34.5lbs

Height: 19"


Disease Testing - PDF

Collie Eye Anomaly - Normal (clear)

Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal (clear)

Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption -  Normal (clear)

Multidrug Resistance 1 - Normal (clear)

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis  - Normal (clear)

Sensory Neuropathy - Normal (clear)

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome - Normal (clear)

Coat and Genetic Testing - PDF

A Locus (Agouti) aw /at - carries tricolor/black and tan

B Locus (Brown)  b/b Brown coat, nose and foot pads

D Locus (Dilute)  D/d Non dilute (carrier)

E Locus (Yellow/Red)  E/e Black (carries yellow/red)

K Locus (Dominant Black) K B /ky No agouti expression allowed (carrier)

C-Barq Canine Behavioral Assessment Graph | Table

Koa is a boisterous and loving baby girl. She is spirited, always full of joy, sweet, energetic, and a super snuggler. She is our talker, always chatting with an exciting "woo-woo" and letting us know her opinion. She is observant, in-tune to what we are doing while studying us when we train the other dogs. She has amazing toy drive and is excelling the quickest at her agility trials. She will be the first to get to a frisbee to bring it back and tends to boss the pack around. Whenever I'm sick or want a relaxing day she settles down and naps along with me.

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